Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Update with MTC

Well, we have a new update with Make the Cut version 1.4.0 I am so loving this program and all the new free updates.

This version adds:
Custom Shadow Layers

Now you can create shadows with rounded, beveled, or mitered corners at a specific width.

Multi-Cut, Cut Speed and Cut Pause

Make The Cut! will also animate what it's cutting. It's hard to explain, but you will see what I mean once you start cutting!

Shift+Ctrl+Click Magic Selection

You can now add/remove shapes from a magic selection by holding your Control key, with your Shift key and clicking on a shape!

Horizontal and Vertical Spacing
You can now space groups of shapes by the group's average spacing.

Cut Preview

There is a new button on the main toolbar that lets you do a cut preview. Click once for a preview, click again for an inverse preview.

Better Zoom

There are now zoom buttons on the toolbar. You can also zoom by holding the Control key and using your mouse wheel. 1 to 1 of 1.

If you have any questions about Make the Cut Software please send me an email.

If you are interested in checking out software click below for trial version with the included updated software

If you enjoyed the playing around and want to purchase click the link below.

Did I mention that updates are FREE!!!

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