Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Here's some goodies I found, be sure to check back to see what I will create with these items.

Silver Platters/Tray
This was a great deal, I found these at Target in the $1 items, it's 2 to a pack so there was only 2 packs left so I got 4 platters to create something. I want to add vinyl to them maybe black which I will have to buy :)

Valentine's Stamps
Of course I got these from my #1 place for wooden stamps that is Michaels out of the $1 bin I personally like getting holidays stamps here instead of buying a whole pack for one stamp, I like it this way because I get to choose the ones I want.

Scripture Stamp
I found this at one at our Christian book stores Mardel for 75%, I only paid $1.05

I love finding great deals, now it's time to create something.

Have a Great Day!!!

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