Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pocket card invitation with MTC

Here's a project that someone else was wanted over on Cricut messageboard, so I took it as a challenge with me still new to MTC I had to give it a try. What I did was went to over to website stated ( for sample of a pocketcard invitation and template.

here's a sample picture

and they had a template for this so here's what I did in MTC.
  •  After saving the image into my picture folder, I open MTC clicked on Custom Shapes
  •  select the silhouette of a woman this button allows you to trace an image, a window will pop open for you to upload image
  • select image, now a new trace image box will open, you will see the original picture or image in a small box and then the image you are wanting to trace will appear in a separate section, you will see a threshod with numbers allowing you to move it up or down it ranges from 1 to 255 they suggest you start @ 10 and increase until it looks good to you
  • when satisfied click apply
  • then accept
and you now have yourself an SVG file to cut with MTC.

final results

Measurements: Final assembled pocket measures 4¼" x 5½"
Envelope Size: This pocket fits best in an A2 envelope

Invitation Inserts: The inserts should be no larger than 4" x 5¼" in size. The pocket can hold 2 - 4 inserts depending on thickness of the inserts used.

I have not created one myself just a small one to make sure it was cut correctly, but I will be sure to make one.

click here for .svg filePocketcard Invitation

I was too excited that I figured it out, I'm still in the possibilites in making projects whatever you want you are not limited.This is another feature in MTC program that I know I'm gonna love, you can trace an image, and create an svg file and cut using your Cricut.

*** I'm not taken credit of the someone's else work just in creating the svg file.


Trial Version

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  1. nice creation! Would be a fun card to make and give